Thelema! Gathering of OTO Brethren, 2020

OTO Netherlands, in cooperation with OTO Hungary, is pleased to announce an international gathering in Kiralyret, Hungary, on the 15th-18th of May 2020.

For more information: or contact the bodymaster.

Celebration of the Three Days of the reception of the Book of the Law

This year Mysterium Coniunctionis Oasis will organize a reading of the Book of the Law, one chapter each day from April 8 to April 10.

Initiation & advancement

Mysterium Coniunctionis Oasis generally performs Initiations in the Spring and Autumn of each year.

The next round will take place around October 2020. The final date for submitting applications for Minerval or advancement to higher Man of Earth degrees, is August 15, 2020.

For more information, please contact the Oasis Master.